Building for the future? : January Roundup

#mewseumselfie: from @Cutorialcats Twitter feed.
#mewseumselfie: from @Cutorialcats Twitter feed.

What a month!

Following on from a previous Nae Boundaries post last year about sporting heritage, it was announced this month that a new group of institutions could form Sports Heritage Scotland (a working title), which would benefit from a new funding partnership with Museum and Galleries Scotland (MGS). It will care for the protection of Scotland’s rich sporting legacy, coverying everything from village sports to the international arenas. More details will be announced in February of the new funding programme developed by MGS.

It’s been a notable month for starchitecture, for the right and wrong reasons. (Where to begin…) St Peter’s Seminary is the focus of a bid by Glasgow based creatives NVA (those wonderful imagineers behind Speed of Light) to transform the former college (built in 1966) into a new arts venue, respecting its Brutalist form (more details here). Meanwhile, Dundee’s V&A development requires an extra £10m of funding, and has set it’s opening date back to 2017; John Swinney has pledged the additional funding to the project leading presshounds to question the purpose and worth of having such an institute in Dundee.

The new  £12m development of Dunfermline Library and Galleries is well underway, but it has emerged that nearby Abbot House (also run by Fife Council) is running at a loss and may face closure by Easter if it cannot find £5000. The Dunfermline Press is currently running a campaign to support the house here.

Edinburgh is continuing it’s fight against turning the UNESCO protected city into a glass cube – with work on the steely St James Quarter beginning this year. Our friends at Lost Edinburgh are currently raising support to reinstate the ornate sphere on the tower of the Forsyth’s building (now Topshop), which was removed in 2011 due to structural damage. You can sign their petition here.

In art news, the future of a public piece from one of Scotland’s finest YBA’s has become uncertain due to London’s infamous Cross Rail development  – sign the petition to save Eduardo Paolozzi’s mosaics at Tottenham Court Road Tube Station here.

I could go on… But I shall end on one of the months more exciting stories.

21st January marked International Museum Selfie Day, where world museums encouraged their visitors and staff to strike a pose in the name of culture. Just as gangs tag their names in colour to the boundary walls of areas, culture vultures are taking to social networks to quite literally capture the castle. Perhaps 2015 will be the year of a newly found responsibility for shared cultural heritage – and if this starts through a hashtag, I’m all for it.


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