Nae Boundaries is a project dreamed up over coffee (and the occasional Brennivin) by Erin Farley and Graham Webster, based in Edinburgh and Newcastle respectively. We found that we were constantly coming up with ideas about traditions, art (of the high, low, and questionable varieties), narrative, memory, archives, museums and how they interact and function in communities. We created this blog as a place to talk about these themes and what we’re up to, as well as other projects that we like (or don’t!), and to get in touch with others in the field and spark some discussion.

The name, and the mission? We see nae boundaries between tangible and intangible heritage, folk culture and great art, academic research and the real world. We’d like to get people questioning why these lines are there, and to start thinking across them.

About Erin

Picture by Simon Waldman 2014
Picture by Simon Waldman 2014

Erin has a particular interest in oral history, storytelling, the links between them and how they affect people’s lives. She is a committee member of the Orkney Storytelling Festival and the Scottish Oral History Group, and has worked with Edinburgh University, Archaeology Scotland and Traditional Arts & Culture Scotland on a wide array of projects.

Erin’s favourite day of the year is the second Friday in August, which is the Burryman’s Day in South Queensferry. The collection of dessicated burrs on her dressing table is one of her most prized possessions.

Twitter: @aliasmacalias

About Graham

Photo by Catriona Patience 2014

Graham is studying for a MSc in Museums Practice at the University of Newcastle after graduating from the School of Celtic & Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He likes to push the boundaries of the concept of ‘museums’, and is particularly interested in visual ethnography, craft practice, and folk & popular art.

Graham’s many talents include writing and performing sketch comedy, and finding really cool second-hand shoes in Reykjavik.

Twitter: @GrahamTheWeb

Questions? Suggestions for posts? Want to send us coffee and Brennivin?

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